Our Service and Recruitment Process:

Meeting candidates and bringing them to clients by:

  1. Liaising with our clients to determine their needs and values. This will include personal visits from time to time, telephonic and electronic communication as permitted by our client.
  2. Relationship leads to business i.e. the next step would involve receiving a job specification from our client.
  3. Sourcing the right candidate to match the job specification either from our database or Career websites or referrals.
  4. CV culling, screening and interviewing.
    1. Screening the appropriate candidates by conducting competency-based one-one-one interviews (one-on-one interviews are conducted as a standard rule unless it is physically impossible to meet with the candidates in which case a detailed telephonic interview will be held and the client will be made aware of this.)
  5. E-mailing the CV’s of only suitable candidates through to our client. All CV’s are standardized in our professional, easy-to-read format.
  6. Co-ordination of interview times/ organizing candidates to attend client interviews and all related services.
  7. Conducting reference checks and other checks (credit and criminal) as specified by our client.
  8. Response handling.
  9. Liaising with candidates (and clients) regarding any offers made, starting dates etc.
  10. After-sales service: ensuring that both clients and candidates are fully satisfied after the placement of the candidate is made.
  11. Additional Service: Watching brief for our clients- In a competitive marketplace it can be highly advantageous to know about great candidates first. Because we make the effort to know your culture and your hiring needs well, we can maintain a watching brief for individuals that suit your organisation. When we see someone we know you will like we bring them to your attention.

We specialize in sourcing staff in the healthcare and corporate market covering a wide range of medical and therapeutic areas. We source and provide the following staff for our pharmaceutical clients:

  • Management staff i.e.: Directors, National and Regional Sales Managers, Business Unit Managers etc
  • Sales staff/ Territory Sales Managers i.e.: GP, Pharmacy, Specialist and Surgical Sales Representatives
  • Marketing staff i.e.: Product and Brand Managers, Marketing Directors etc.
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting and finance staff
  • Office support and administration including IT staff
  • Clinical research staff
  • Medical corporate affairs and regulatory staff
  • Production staff

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Candidate tips for your CV:

  1. Education, qualifications and certificates- always include the full name of the course/ degree, the date you completed the course and the institution where the course was held.
  2. Work history- include your most current position first, most recent date to last position held.
  3. Reasons for leaving previous positions.
  4. Always include references for each position held (except for your current position unless you are able). Provide the name of a manager or superior, the title of the person and their contact details. Written references are also useful and can add value to your CV.
  5. Include any achievements you have had over your work history.

For Medical Sales Representatives, include the following information on your work history:

  1. Full name of pharmaceutical company worked for and its speciality e.g.: Ethical/ Generic/ Surgical.
  2. Full title of the position you held e.g.: Specialist Sales Representative for the CNS division.
  3. Products/ drugs you promoted/ were responsible for: include the therapeutic area and the actual name of the drugs.
  4. Territory you covered in your sales role e.g.: JHB West Rand.
  5. The medical professionals/ customers you called on in the position.
  6. Any achievements in the position you held e.g.: Rep of the Year, product prizes etc.
  7. Give a detailed description of the duties you performed in each role.

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